Get to know the humans behind Wellbe

Gemma Oberholzer

Founder & Director

Our founder has always had a passion for science, health and humans. This led her to Stellenbosch University where she graduated cum laude with a BSc Human Life Science degree with majors in Biochemistry and Physiology. She then went on to the University of Pretoria where she received a second honours degree with distinction in Food and Nutrition Science. Following her graduation from academia, she worked in the health and wellness industry in various fields of research, product development and marketing.

It was during these corporate years where Wellbe’s origins began. Here she was exposed to the often difficult reality of how “un-well” working adults tend to be, whether it be through poor nutritional choices, sedentary work lives or dealing with the mental strain that comes with high-stress environments. Gemma saw an opportunity to use her passion for health and wellness to help re-imagine the workplace and see it as a catalyst to make positive change at scale, one employee and company at a time. And it’s that mission that drives the entire Team at Wellbe.


We have a comprehensive network of qualified medical & health experts that we work with.

Our team are passionate about helping employees and businesses to thrive.