We are a corporate wellness company that uses workplace initiatives to improve employee health, organisational well-being and overall corporate culture.

We’re on a mission to inspire change and instill a culture of health and wellness in daily corporate life, while improving team productivity and business performance along the way.

Eat Well

Fueling better team performance, focus & energy through smart food and nutrition strategies

Move Well

Fitness and movement activities to encourage physical health, mobility and well-being

Think Well

Enhancing employee mental wellbeing and resilience through stress management, mindfulness & mental health initiatives

Work Well

Using organisational psychology tools and methodologies to optimise company, team and individual outputs


We curate online and in-person health & wellness solutions based on the unique needs of your company and employees



A combination of online employee surveys and key stakeholder interviews, where we enquire into the employee health & business fitness metrics.


An “as is” snapshot of the company and employees based on the outcomes, insights & findings from the Diagnostic, plus recommendations and possible solutions.


Implementation and rollout of the approved organisational wellness initiatives, along with regular feedback and measurement, to track business impact and staff improvements.


Get to know the humans behind WellBe

Gemma Oberholzer

Founder & Director

Our passionate leader responsible for managing the Wellbe Team, developing new business partnerships and ensuring our clients are happy

Jessica Tecklenburg

Business Solutions

Our thoughtful Business Solutions Manager driving business systems and corporate program strategy, development and execution

Katey Kerr-Peterson


Our creative Marketing Manager overseeing all content, social media, website, advertising and brand-related business aspects


We have a comprehensive network of qualified medical & health experts that we work with.

Our team are passionate about helping employees and businesses to thrive.


I highly recommend Wellbe for any business that is invested in the health and wellbeing of their staff and overall culture. Gemma and team are involved to the point where it feels like they're part of the business.
Jacques du Bruyn-Managing Director, Flume


The Wellbe Team has played a huge role in Ramjack's team building programme over the past few years. With an emphasis on camaraderie through improved wellness, employee energy and morale has improved significantly. It is a lot of fun 'getting healthy' together. Everyone we've ever worked with at Wellbe has been professional, kind, understanding and extremely helpful. Thanks Wellbe for your commitment and dedication to Ramjack's mental and physical well-being.
Mike Jackson-Ramjack Technologies, President & CEO


Gemma and those involved with WellBe have been excellent. Gemma is a pleasure to deal with as well, and has contributed very positively to Flume.
Ryan Freeman-Human Resource Manager, Flume


I can speak on two fronts, the first is in my personal life and the second on how Wellbe has added to Flume. In my personal life, I have learned and grown a lot, I am healthier than ever and I can only be grateful! On an organisation basis, not only did it help from a health perspective but also assisted us with supporting our culture. The organisational support, having sessions with different departments and helping create a better work-life is something I believe makes Wellbe more than just a health company but a company that looks after the health of the staff and the organisation as a whole.
Ruan Oosthuizen-Director, Flume


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