Have you lost your enthusiasm to exercise in the cold winter months? Well, you are not alone.

Staying productive and motivated during the frosty days of winter isn’t easy. We all know what it’s like, the temperature drops and so does our eagerness to get out and exercise.

We often find ourselves switching to mornings spent cuddled up with hot cocoa under the sheets and evenings snuggled in front of Netflix or our fireplace. Our morning workouts start to slip away, we have pressed snooze so many times we lost count and our evening exercise routines are no more. All we want to do is get home, get warm and stay that way.

Sound familiar?

Why it’s so hard to workout in winter

Well, for one, the cold weather isn’t exactly inviting now is it?

And secondly, once you start to skip a workout here and there, other aspects of your once healthy lifestyle often start to take a hit. It might be easier to grab some hot takeout as opposed to popping into the shops to get some groceries for dinner. When it’s cold, everything seems like an effort and we tend to slowly slip into ‘sloth’ mode. Too many skipped workouts and takeouts start to add up until eventually, we find ourselves in a slump. A ‘sloth’ mode slump, if you will.

Not exercising and not sticking to a healthy eating plan is a recipe for disaster as our nutrition and fitness have a profound effect on our lives.

That’s why we have put together this fitspired guide of 7 easy ways to regain (and keep) your motivation to exercise and get your health back in line.

1. Set goals and stick to them

Start with setting attainable goals. Perhaps you want to run a 5km without stopping to walk. Maybe you want to improve your lifestyle through healthy eating and exercising 3 times a week. The simpler the goal, the better.

Performance-focused goals are often better than aesthetic goals. So, instead of setting a goal to look a certain way, set a goal to do something fitness related like running a race or attending spinning classes twice a week or even sticking to a workout routine. That way you have something more tangible to work towards.

If you aren’t sure where to start, then get in touch with our team and we can help you set realistic goals and help you reach them.

2. Find simple ways to reach your goals

The moment you set your goals, then you need an action plan.

This could be developed with a personal trainer or a nutritionist. At Wellbe, we pride ourselves on helping our clients reach their goals through personally designed programs that actually work, are grounded in science and are delivered in a fun, approachable and lifestyle-focused ways.

To realistically reach your bigger goals, break them down into smaller ones. It can be as simple as eating more veggies every day, waking up when your alarm goes off (even if it is still dark outside) and skipping out on your weekly take out meal. Speaking of eating your vegetables, here’s a great recipe for healthy bell peppers.

Expert tip – Track your workouts. This way you can take notice of your day-to-day victories to keep you motivated.

3. Prep like the boss you are

We have all been there – we forget our gym shoes, forgot about the yoga class we booked, didn’t have time to make lunch at home so end up grabbing something unhealthy from the canteen or the fast-food place down the road at work.

Try to implement easy organisational tricks to make sticking to your goals and plan a whole lot easier.

Set aside your afternoon on a Sunday to meal prep.

Set reminders in your phone for workouts. And stick to them as best you can.

Pack your gym bag the night before and make sure you have everything in there for your workout (and pack something warm for after).

Scared to hit the gym? Have a look at our Girl’s Guide To Surviving The Weight Section.

4. Take care of yourself

Make sure you are well-fed (with healthy foods of course), worry-free and happy. This way you will feel more motivated to reach your goals.

Go to bed early and try to get at least 6 to 8 hours of GOOD, actually, GREAT sleep a night.

Have a long hot Epsom salt bath once or twice a week.

Spend time reading your book, in nature or watching your favourite series. Don’t forget to do things that make you happy.

Expert tip – Yoga and deep breathing are great ways to relieve stress. Have a look at this awesome Youtube Channel  – Yoga with Adriene.

5. Phone a friend

Schedule workouts with a friend. That way you can both motivate each other to get up and show up at workouts and fitness classes.

6. Keep things fresh

Routine can be a great way to get the best results, but it can become a bit monotonous at times. If your meal or fitness plans are getting a little boring, then try experimenting with new things.

Attend different fitness classes at the gym. If you have a personal trainer or Wellness Coach, then chat to them about how you can make your fitness plan more exciting.

So many people find that their meal plans start to get ‘tasteless’ over time. That’s because they don’t realise how many amazing and healthy food options there are out there. Have a look at these 12 Healthy Winter Recipes for some inspiration.

7. Be honest with yourself

Remember, your motivation comes from within. If you don’t feel like training or you are craving a cheat meal, then ask yourself why?

Maybe you had a bad day at work. Maybe you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed right now. Maybe you are trying to find an excuse? No matter what the answer is, don’t be afraid to be honest with yourself.

Sometimes a workout can make you feel better. And sometimes maybe you just need to take the day off and have a long bath and a warm dinner.

Just make sure you hit the gym tomorrow.

What it comes down to

The winter months might be long and cold, but there are simple and effective ways to find the motivation you are lacking to hit the gym, workout and stick to a healthy eating plan.

Remember to not be too hard on yourself. Do what you can with the time you have and know that your best is ALWAYS more than good enough.

Keep at it! You’re doing great.