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A simple shift in focus can change how you see yourself completely.

Let’s try a short exercise together.

What do you see when you look in the mirror? How do you picture yourself in your mind? If you’re like me, you might’ve immediately gone for all the “bad” things you don’t like, and your internal dialogue might sound something like this:

“Ugh. Another breakout? My skin always looks so terrible! And look at how big my nose is! No amount of makeup will hide that.”

“Why can’t I have a six-pack like (insert name here)? All I’m left with is this pudgy pooch of stomach and no girls going to want to see that.”

“I have such fat legs. I swear I’m never going to wear shorts again. They look absolutely disgusting.”

Am I right?

A poor body image is about as common in the health and fitness industry as Nikes and protein shakes. Ironic huh? Male or female we’re all susceptible to this type of negative self-talk. People get so caught up in trying to reach this “ideal body”, propagated through social media and by pop culture, without realizing that this “ideal body” they are working (and most likely punishing) their bodies for, is in fact, unobtainable (without the help of certain pharmaceuticals and/or photoshop that is). It isn’t real and it has poisoned our own opinions and views about our bodies.

Asymmetry, scars, cellulite, bruises, excess fat, uneven skin tone, stomach rolls, stretch marks and some flab are all normal, and no one is worth less because you have any of them.

You are enough, as you are, right now.

Your efforts towards staying active and keeping fit and healthy should not be motivated by a certain falsely constructed ideal body image or involve body shaming yourself constantly. Because that’s not healthy and will only lead you to resent the process and be unmotivated to keep at it. Instead, the decision and commitment to exercising and living a healthier life should be inspired by the thrill of personal improvement, seeing your body and mind change and get stronger each day and by the satisfaction of working towards the best and healthiest version of yourself.

So next time you find yourself staring at a mirror, fixated on your “flaws”, instead of solely focusing on the bad, actively seek out the good. Because for every one thing you don’t like about yourself, there are ten amazing things you aren’t seeing. And all you need to do is look.