There are many things that make me happy in life but few compare to a delectable breakfast. I love a hearty breakfast and I really feel that we should go out for breakfast for more because who doesn’t love a delicious start to the day?

What’s better though, is finding hidden gems all over Joburg that create the tastiest nutrient-dense foods that are difficult to resist. 

We’ve compiled a list of our top healthy breakfast options from some of the best breakfast spots in and around Joburg – we like to think of it as your new breakfast bucket list. 

But before we dive into the list, we thought we’d try and settle one of the biggest debates…

Is breakfast the most important meal of the day?

Growing up, you might have heard your parents say, “you have to have your breakfast, it’s the most important meal”. From my personal experience, as I have grown older, I have noticed that not everyone eats breakfast, especially now with intermittent fasting becoming even more popular. More and more people have decided that breakfast actually might not be so important after all… or is it? 

In all honesty, I don’t think there’s a concrete answer to this ongoing debate. I think there will always be people who can’t start the day without a hearty meal and then there are those who can easily grab a coffee and go. Whatever works for you and as long as you’re making choices that are beneficial to YOUR body and your overall health, then that answers the question for you.

No matter what side of the debate you fall on, a great breakfast and brunch spot is a must know because none of us can resist really good food. 

Have a look at this blog on nutrient timing to dig a little deeper into the topic. 

The best breakfast options from some of our favourite restaurants


Lexi’s Eatery 

This little gem focuses on mostly plant-based foods and very little processed foods. The aim of this restaurant is to help remind everyone to eat more consciously and become more aware of what you’re consuming. This establishment caters to vegans, vegetarians, banters, those who prefer paleo or anyone just trying to make small healthier, more moral and eco-friendly choices every day.

Our top picks:

The Caramel Crack Bowl which is filled with frozen banana, dates, vanilla, Himalayan salt, light tahini and almond milk. It’s topped with almond butter, frozen raspberries, fresh strawberries, granola and toasted coconut.

This delicious breakfast is a great source of protein and vitamin B.

If the traditional breakfast is more your vibe, you should try the Sexy Spinach Scramble which consists of either tofu or scrambled eggs with spinach, kale and fresh parsley with slow-roasted tomato, avo, savoury granola and rye toast.

This is one of our favs because it’s a hearty meal chock full of healthy greens.  

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Tashas has a wide variety menu that caters to most food preferences. Their focus is on brilliant food, stunning interiors and making engaging deliveries. Tashas is well known for its quality food and different and ever-changing menus across the various branches. 

Our top picks:

The Salmon Scramble which has 40g of smoked salmon trout, scrambled eggs, cherry tomatoes, cottage cheese and chives.

This breakfast is simple yet full of protein and vitamins and minerals – not to mention oh so tasty!

If you’re very hungry, try the Breakfast Royale which is two poached eggs with asparagus or spinach, lemon sauce and seeded bread (you can add crispy parma ham, macon or bacon if you want to add additional protein).  

This is a great option because it is high in protein, has delicious veggies and is a great source of fibre.

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Leafy Greens Café 

The Leafy Greens food philosophy is closely aligned to the ancient rural advice: “eat real food, mostly plants, and not too much”. Their food philosophy is found in respect for the earth and the human body. 

Our top picks:

The Protein Breakfast Bowl is made with homemade gluten-free granola and chia seeds served with homemade almond milk, goji berries, chopped nuts, hemp seeds, lucuma powder, raw honey, fresh fruit and nut butter.

This is an amazing dish because it’s high in fibre and full of protein and healthy fats. 

The Hot Oats are a traditional dish that you either hate or love. This delicious bowl is made from 

rolled oats, almond milk, raisins, nut butter, cinnamon and optional raw honey.

This hearty bowl is full of fibre, healthy fats and protein – everything you need from a good breakfast.

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These are just a few of our favourites and their menus are filled with so many other incredible options that are nutritious and delicious. Can you tell us some of your favs?