At the mention of the word mindfulness, one automatically pictures a monk in a serene setting in total calmness. It could possibly be unimaginable to think that we could obtain that state of mind in the modern world. During our stressful lives, our attention is dispersed. We are managing the pressure of work, family life and social media leaving us feeling exhausted and, in some cases, burnt out at the end of each day.⁣

We get caught up in what we must do today and carry the burden of yesterday that we forget to stop and truly become aware of what is happening in the present moment and how it’s affecting us both physically and emotionally.
Mindfulness can be described as a life skill, which can deepen our sense of well-being and fulfillment. It’s the simple act of taking the time to pay attention to what is occurring in our present moment with openness and acceptance. It’s the time we take to check in with ourselves and to allow ourselves the space to be accepting of where we are at in this moment with compassion and love that will⁣
enable us to refill our cups to consciously live happier lives.⁣

Setting aside 1 minute every day to check in and truly absorb the present moment will not only allow us the space to breathe but also aid in shifting our level of consciousness as we go about our daily lives.
There are many ways that one can develop your Mindful minute of self-love. I love using the simple technique of breathing. Something we take for granted throughout our day. Breathing is our life force and more often than not a good indication of our present state.
For 1 minute a day, you can use the below breath guide to become aware of where you are at.⁣

Step 1:⁣
Find a comfortable space free from distraction.⁣

Step 2:⁣
Come to find a comfortable seat, allow your shoulders to move away from your ears as you lengthen your spine.⁣

Step 3:⁣
Gently become aware of your inhale and exhale. Without any judgement become aware of the nature and length of your inhale and exhale.⁣

Step 4:⁣
Now assign a count to your breath. Inhale for a count of 3 and exhale for a count of 3. Repeating for 3 cycles.⁣

Step 5:⁣
With every inhale become aware of thoughts and emotions and with every exhale let go of those thoughts gently allowing the mind to settle in this state of calmness.⁣

Step 6:⁣
Letting go of the count gently allow the breath to return to normal. Become aware once again of your surroundings as you resume your daily tasks. Remember that the very act of self-love is giving ourselves what we need to be happy and healthy beings.⁣